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Gymnastics classes near me

Performance Gymnastics Club is in central Knysna on Thesen Island


What type of gymnastics do you offer?

We are an Artistic Gymnastics club for boys and girls. The club is registered with SAGF (South African Gymnastics Federation) and competes at international level competitions

What should my child wear for class?

The girls wear leotards or tights and a tight fitted shirt to gymnastics. Girls should also make sure their hair is pulled back. The Boys wear shorts and a t-shirt or leotard. Gymnasts practice with bare feet, no socks to prevent slipping

Where can I buy gymnastics leotards?

Our club kit and leotards are available to buy at our club or check our online shop for more options. 

What are your term dates? 

We follow the SA government school term dates

How old must my child be to start gymnastics?

Boys and girls can start gymnastics from the age of 3 years


When will my child start gymnastics competitions?

Gymnasts are allowed to compete when they are 6 years old. They may participate in friendly club competitions before that. Gymnasts that are on the right skill level will receive a notification from the club that they are now in the competitive team and will be competing in upcoming competitions.


Can parents watch?

Parents are welcome to watch their child's first lesson, thereafter we advise parents to stay in our reception area where they can watch through our window. This is to ensure that we have our gymnasts full attention at all times for obvious safety reasons.


Does my child need gymnastics experience to start?

Not at all, We have a selection of groups in the club.

  • Petit performers – 3 year old beginners

  • Beginners

  • Non-competitive gymnasts

  • Competitive gymnasts

  • Performance group (national level gymnasts)